The Difference Between Mass And Weight
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The Difference Between Mass And Weight

How is the mass of an object different from its weight?

The string:
(a) Mass: S7P1A15 (Containership - Mass).
(b)Weight: S7P3A31 (Force - Pull)
The math:
Mass (also called inertial mass) is matter's inertia (resistance of matter to change in speed). Mass is the amount of matter.
Weight is thepull of gravity (in the case of the earth, the force which the earth exerts on mass) on the mass of an object. It is represented as mg where g is the acceleration due to gravity. Mass is measured in pounds or grams (1 pound is approximately 454 grams). When mass is in pounds, g is 32 ft/sec2 and weight is in poundals. When mass is in grams, g is 980 cm/sec2 and weight is in dynes

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