Einstein's Energy Formula Applied To Uranium 235 Detonation
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Expressions Of Pj Problems
Einstein's Energy Formula Applied To Uranium 235 Detonation

2 kg of Uranium 235 undergoes nuclear fission and liberates 1.646 x 1014 J of radiant energy and thermal energy. What is the mass of the material products of the reaction?

The string:
(a) S7P1A15 (Containership - Mass).
The math:

Pj Problem of Interest (PPI) is of the type Containership. We are interested in the mass of the products. However, the PPI is dependent on the fission (Splitting of atomic nucleus into approximatingly equal parts) which is of type force.
Einstein's Energy, E = mc2 (m = mass, c = velocity of light).
So, m = E/c2 = (1.646 x 1014)/(3 x 108)2 = 0.00183 kg.
So, 2kg of Uranium 235 decreased by 0.00183 kg after the fission.
So, material mass of products of the reaction = 1.998 kg.

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