PjProblemStrings Sequences Of Supply Chains.
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PjProblemsStrings Sequences Of Adenosine Triphosphate Supply Chains

PjProblemStrings Sequencing Of Supply Chains

Any being has at least one basic need at creation. These basic needs are natural demands of the being. Natural demands must be met by supply chains. In other words, natural demands and the supply chains that meet them are existential imperatives necessary for the maintenance of existential equilibrium. Over time, humans have created various demands beyond those incorporated in them at creation. Consequently, there exist various supply chains. However, most human supply chains cater to humans' natural demands and mutants of the demands.

Supply chains are at the heart of existence and they are configurations of PjProblemStrings Sequences.

(a) Name two primary natural demands required by living things on earth and indicate the supply chains for the demands.
(bi) Identify two primary supply chains in the human body and indicate the demands they meet.
(ii) Identify the forces and the motions of the PjProblemStrings Sequences of the supply chains.
(ci) Land ports, sea ports, air ports (and in the future, space ports) are supply chains. Indicate the demands they meet.
(ii) Which of the seven types of PjProblemStrings Sequences are commonly seen at airports? Which types are rarely seen?
(di) Figure 177 is a sketch of part of the supply chains of the super market with H as headquarters, D1 and D2 as depot, D11, D12, D13, D21, D22, D23 as individual stores. B is the supermarket's bank that links H to banks network. Why is it easy to see in figure 177 that H is the head office (or headquarters)?
(ii) What part of the supply chains is not included in figure 177?
(e) Communication with one another was an early human desire. Over the years, humans have created complex communication supply chains. What force is always present in any human communication supply chains?
(f) Demand goes to supply or supply goes to demand. Both scenarios are present amongs humans. Indicate scenarios when the former movement is preferable.
(gi) Google Search is a variant of the offload scenario. Explain.
(ii) What type of PjProblemStrings Sequence are the displayed results of a Google search?

The strings: S7P3A3k (force -k =1, 2), S7P4A4k (motion- k =1, 2, 3,4).

The math:
All Pj Problems are at play. However, Pj Problems of Interest are of types force and motion.

PjProblemsStrings Sequences Of Supply Chains

(a) Heat and water. The sun's rays and the water cycle.

(bi) The most basic need of humans is survival. Space awareness (provided by human senses) and energy (made possible by the use of oxygen and nutrients) make survival possible. Consequently, The nervous system and the circulatory system are two primary supply chains in the human body. The circulatory system supplies the oxygen and nutrients the body needs, the nervous system supplies the space awareness the body needs.
(ii) Circlutory system: the pump action of the heart (characterized by the contraction and relaxation of the heart muscles) and osmotic pressure differential between capillary fluid and cellular fluid provide the initial and terminal forces that sandwich the motion of blood flow.
Nervous system: a communication network of nerves (cylindrical bundles of signal-carrying-cells. The brain supplies the algorithm that sends to and fro pulses of electricity between the brain and points of need in the network, analyzes the communication and determines appropriate actions.

(ci) Travel and the movement of goods.
(ii) Queueing PjProblemStrings Sequences (passengers que, airplanes que, luggages que); Stand-alone PjProblemStrings Sequences (individual movements by passengers and airport personnel, airplanes taxing); Replacement PjProblemStrings Sequences (at the gate waiting area, passengers of a given flight board and are replaced by passengers of the next flight); Linked PjProblemStrings Sequences (passengers pushing or pulling their luggages, luggage carts taking luggages to the airplane, airplanes been towed to the taxing lane, families traveling together); Collision PjProblemStrings Sequences (loved ones hugging and kissing). Non-affectionate collisions are rare especially on the tarmac.

(di)H is the space most able to access different spaces in the network.
(ii) Producer supply chains.

(e) Algorithm. No algorithm, no communication even in primitive communications.

(f) Supply is more likely to go to demand if it is more efficient to move the substance demanded than to move the demander. For example, it is more efficient to send the sun's rays and rain to earth than to move earth to the sun or the clouds.
Demand is more likely to go to supply if it is more efficient to move the demander to the substance demanded. For example, it is more efficient to send passengers to aiports than to move airports to passengers.

(gi) The offload scenario is the case whereby a force pulls some substance from one space and moves the substance to another space. Usually pull-push forces sandwich the motion. For example, a crane offloading the cargos from a cargo ship.
In the case of a typical Google search the algorithm is the force. Content is pulled from a Google server, moved through a network and pushed on a webpage displayed by the browser.
(ii) The results displayed are Queueing PjProblemStrings Sequences (assuming the search results are ranked and sorted).


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