Rocket Work - Take That Load 100 Miles Up
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Rocket Work - Take That Load 100 Miles Up

Calculate the work done in raising a 1000 lb weight to a height of 100 miles above the surface of the earth.

The string:
(a) S7P3A32 (Force - Push).
The math:
Rocket Work Push That Load
Pj Problem of interest is of type force. The doer of work is force. In the case of white-collar work, intellectual force actuates materiality.
The general formula for this type of work is as follows;
Work in ft-lb, W = Rm(1 - R/r) -------(1).
Where R is the radius of the Earth in feet; m is the mass of the load in lbs and r is distance from the center of the Earth.
So, substituting the given values in equation (1), we have:
W = (4000 x 5280)(1000)[1 - (4000 x 5280)/(41000 x 5280)]
So, W = (2.1 x 1010)(0.0244) ft-lb
So, W = 0.0512 x 1010 = 512,000,000 ft-lb.

For constant force on the surface of the earth where the acceleration due to gravit is assumed contant, Work s simply Force X (Distance the load is moved by the force).

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