Cams - The PjProblemStrings.
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Cams - The PjProblemStrings

Cams The PjProblemStrings

Cams are used to change rotary motion to linear or up-and-down motion

(a) Figure 134.1 is an illustration of a cam-driven valve. Explain how the cam help to open and close the valve.
(b) Write the PjProblemStrings at play in the cam-driven valve.

The strings: S7P4A41 (Linear Motion).

The math:
Pj Problem of Interest is of type motion (linear). Cams are used to change rotary motion to linear or up-and-down motion.

Cams The PjProblemStrings

(a) The cam in figure 134.1 has an irregular shape with a lobe. It is keyed to the cam shaft and connected to a valve stem by means of a roller. A gear system is used to turn the cam shaft. The cam rotates as the shaft rotates. The valve stem moves up (valve open) when the lobe of the cam is aligned with the valve stem (fig.134.1b). The valve stem moves down (valve closed) when the lobe passes. Thus the rotary motion of the cam is changed to the linear or up-and-down motion of the valve stem.

(b) Assuming a multi-matter-multi-dynamic space (S7)
the PjProblemStrings at play are:
S7P4A42 - rotary motion of cam
S7P4A41 - linear motion of valve stem
S7P5A51 - the physical change string representing the alignment of the cam lobe and the valve stem.
So, cam concept in PJProblemStrings: S7P4A42 -> S7P5A51 -> S7P4A41

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