Light Polarization By Polarizing Filters
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Expressions Of Pj Problems
Light Polarization By Polarizing Filters


It's Tee (a sharp 7 year old) again. "Mom, you're always squinting because of the sun's glare. Just use your polarizing sunglasses and you'll squint no more". said Tee. "You know I don't like wearing sunglasses. By the way how does the polarizing sunglasses stop me from squinting?" asked Tee's mom. "Light polarization mom, just light polarization". replied Tee.

Explain what Tee means by light polarization.

The strings: S7P6A61 (Grouping - Single Criterion Combination)

The math:
Pj Problem of Interest is of type grouping (single criterion grouping). The motion of the light rays are important in this problem. However, the objective is to allow only a certain group of rays to get to the eyes. It is in this sense that the Pj Problem of Interest is of type single criterion grouping.

Light Polarization By Polarizing Filters

The waves of light from a normal light source, vibrate in different directions simultaneously. A polarizing filter is made up of parallel slits (the slits may be horizontal or vertical). Only light that vibrates in the same direction as the direction of the slits of a polarizing filter passes through it. In figure 22.4, the light that passes through the first polarizing filter (the one with the horizontal slits) must vibrate horizontally. Similarly, the light that passes through the polarizing filter with the vertical slits must vibrate vertically. The light that passes through a polarizing filter is called polarized light. non-polarized light are either reflected or absorbed.

The vibrational direction of the glare of sunlight that causes one to squint is mostly horizontal. Consequently, polarized sunglasses are vertically polarized so that the light that enters the eyes is significantly without glare.

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