Expressions Of Pj Problems
Car Choices

A car manufacturer offers a car model in 3 different colors, with or without a heater, and with or without a radio. What are the choices available for a potential purchaser of this car model?

The string: S7PpA64 (multi-criteria permutation);
The Math:
Problem Of Interest (PPI) is of the type grouping/interaction.
Let us assign numbers to the colors of the cars. In other words:
Let the numbers 1, 2, 3 be the three types of colors for the car model.
Let the states with heat and no heat be h and nh respectively.
Let the states with radio and no radio be r and nr respectively.
So, choices are as follows: 1hr, 1hnr, 1nhr, 1nhnr, 2hr, 2hnr, 2nhr, 2nhnr, 3hr, 3hnr, 3nhr, 3nhnr.
Therefore, number of choices available to the purchaser = 12.

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