Expressions Of Pj Problems
Communication Triad

Communication Triad

Communication is basically the transmission and reception of knowledge. Data and Information are implied in the communication-triad of figure 126.1.
(a) Define knowledge, data and information.
(b) Describe the components of the communication-triad of figure 126.1.
(c) How have the components of the communication-triad
been conceptually advanced over the years?

The strings: S7P6A65 (Grouping/Interaction).

The math:
Pj Problem of Interest is of type grouping/interaction (multi-criteria grouping/interaction).

Communication Triad

(a) Knowledge is the understanding established by cognitive beings as a result of their processing of the interactions between their senses and their environments. Knowledge may or may not be factual. Knowledge obtained from the scientific method is data. Information is shared knowledge (may or may not be factual).

(b) Communication begins with a communicator(s) who shares through a medium/media; not-yet-shared knowledge (data and/or non-data), or/and information (previously-shared knowledge); to an audience who may or may not be responsive. Communication is interactive when the audience is responsive.

(c)Technological advancements have been phenomenal in the transmission space (medium/media). The trend has been towards improved speed and capacity made possible by digitalization.
Also, large sizes of communicators and audience are now able to
simultaneously communicate.

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