Law Triad - The Basic Concepts Of Law
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Law Triad - The Basic Concepts Of Law

Law Triad Basic Concepts of Law

(a) Describe the components of the Law Triad illustrated in figure 119.1.
(b) Does the Law Triad apply to natural laws?
(c) On the basis of the Law Triad, Timothy posits that in general, animals in the jungle are better behaved than their human cousins. Speculate on the correctness of Timothy's assertion.
(d) State in one sentence, why Timothy's assertion in (c) may not be conclusive.
(e) Contexualize the rule of law within the Law Triad.

The strings: S7P6A65 (Grouping/Interaction).

The math:
Pj Problem of Interest is of type grouping/interaction. All alleles of the PjProblem grouping/interaction are at play. However, we indicate S7P6A65 (gouping/interaction - physical interaction) as a representative PjProblemString.

Law Triad Basic Concepts of Law

(a) Human law is a consequence of human cognizance. Over time, humans group behaviors into acceptable behaviors and unacceptable behaviors. When a human group considers unacceptable behaviors detrimental to the well-being of the group, they eventually establish laws to eradicate the unacceptable behaviors. The instrument of eradication is punishment. The inherent complexities in human behaviors (they morph, change, etc) make the complete eradication of unacceptable behaviors difficult. Consequently, human laws are projectable and changeable particularly in a free society. There are infinitely many unacceptable behaviors in a large human population. So, the process of determining which ones should be subject to the law is also often difficult in a free society.

(b) Natural laws are fixed. However, they can be manipulated by humans. The Law Triad applies in such scenarios because of the incorporation of human behavior. For example, certain aspects of genetic engineering.

(c) Our animal cousins in the jungle have less laws so one can speculate that they are in general better behaved.

(d) It is also probable that they do not in general have the sophisticated cognizance of humans to be able to completely discern what are acceptable behaviors and unacceptable behaviors.

(e) The rule of law often associated with a free democratic space means that no one is above the law. In the context of the Law Triad, it means that unacceptable behaviors subject to the law is punishable regardless of social status. However, this is not always true because although the law rules, humans implement the rule. A rule is only as effective as those who implement the rule.

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