Limiting Component - Manufacture Of Bicycles
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Limiting Component - Manufacture Of Bicycles

The number of a multi-part structure that can be produced, depend on the availability of its parts. Sometimes, the parts are not available in equal amounts. So, the total number of the multi-part structure produced will be limited to the number of the least available part. This part or component is called the limiting part or component.

A manufacturer of bicycles has 4815 wheels, 2305 frames, and 2255 handlebars:
(a) How many bicycles can be manufactured using these parts?
(b) How many parts of each kind are left over?
(c) Which part limits the production of bicycles?

The strings: S7P6A65 (grouping/interaction - physical).

The math:
Pj Problem of Interest is of type grouping/interaction (physical).

(a) The number of bicycles manufactured will be limited by the number of handlebars since this part is the least available.
So, only 2255 bycicles will be manufactured.

(b) Each bicycle needs two wheels and 1 frame.
So, 2(2255) = 4510 wheels are used.
So, 4815 - 4510 = 305 wheels are left over.
2255 frames are used.
So, 2305 - 2255 = 50 frames are left over.

(c) The handlebar is the limiting component.

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