Expressions Of Pj Problems
Market Triad

Market Triad

A market is basically a space (may be virtual) where goods or/and services are sold. A medium of exchange (aka money) is implied in the market-triad of figure 127.1.
(a) Describe the components of the market-triad of figure 127.1.
(b) What is the relationship between market and economy?
(c) What is the relationship between investment and market
(d) How does inflation in an economic space reflect market-activities in the space.
(e) How does unemployment in an economic space reflect market-activities in the space.
(f) Why has advertising become big business?
(g) Which space invented paper money?

The strings: S7P6A65 (Grouping/Interaction).

The math:
Pj Problem of Interest is of type grouping/interaction (multi-criteria grouping/interaction).

Communication Triad

(a) Markets are initialized by the availability of goods and services. In other words, there is no market if there are no goods or/and services to be sold. The buyer and seller sustain the market. The market is a sellers' market when the goods or/and services are in limited supply and demand is high. Otherwise, the market is often a buyers' market.

(b) No market no economy.

(c) No investment (of capital, material and labour) no market.

(d) inflation is increase in price level of goods and services.
Demand-Pull Inflation: rapid increase in aggregate demands for goods and services surpasses productive capacity. Businesses cannot significantly increase production in the short run. So supply remains constant, and aggregate demand is increased causing an increase in price level.
Cost-Push Inflation: rapid decrease in aggregate supply of goods and services due to high production costs (e.g. rapid wage increases and high raw material costs). Aggregate supply decreases causing an increase in price level.

(e) Assuming a willing and educated labor-pool, unemployment implies market-activies are slow or non-existent.

(f) Availability of myriad goods and services; sellers' competition for buyers' attention and a global infrastructure for a global market.

(g) China. At about 118 B.C China introduced the leather money made from white deerskin. It was 1ft square and had colorful border. By 806A.D, China had introduced paper money although it did not sustain it. The concept of paper money came to Europe some years later where it was sustained, developed and spread across the globe.

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